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Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machines

PRODO-PAK Corporation’s Multi-Lane VERTICAL/FORM/FILL/SEAL machines are Designed, Built and Serviced by American Craftsmen for the Highest Quality FOUR-SIDED “pouch-forming”. Exceptionally suitable for Liquids, Semi- liquids, Powders and Granular variety of products.

Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machines

PRODO-PAK’s Model PV Series is the Most Advanced form/fill/seal packaging machine found in the Food, Personnel Care, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Beverage Industries. The Model PV Series is capable of filling flexible containers ranging in size from 0.2 oz. (120 ml) to 640oz. Sauces, Soy Sauce, Juice, Drinks, Wine, Tomato Paste, Peanut Butter, Sliced Pickles and Frozen Ice Pops. The Model PV Series is also ideal for producing Portion Packs of Condiments (Mustard, Catsup, Relish) Single Serve Salad Dressings and packaging for many granulated products both “free flowing” and “non-free flowing”.

Other Applications found in the Cosmetic and Chemical Industries include packaging products such as Lotions, Shampoo, Conditioner, Paint, Dyes, Industrial Adhesives, Re Freezable Gel Packs, Gel Blankets, , Multi Compartment capabilities with “burst” sealing.

PRODO-PAK offers a wide range of standard and custom designed dispensing valves and fitments that can be utilized.

PRODO-PAK’S PV SERIES- TW/CSW (Twin Web or Center Slit Web)

  • PV-215
  • PV-250

Standard Features

  • Digital solid state proportioning temperature controllers for accurate heat control on both vertical and horizontal sealers with individual indicators.
  • Easily adjustable vertical sealers accommodate package width changes. No additional parts needed.
  • Pivoting platen sealer assembly offers excellent accessibility.
  • Single side or front and back registration.
  • User friendly adjustable web tracking system.
  • Bag stripper assembly to ensure positive cutoff and bag release.
  • ALLEN-BRADLEY machine control. (other packages available upon request)




Designed, Manufactured and Serviced by American craftsmen for the highest quality packaging of Tablets, Capsules, Candies, Ointments, Lotions, Medical devices, Swabs and Towelettes. Ideal for Free flowing and Non-free flowing powders and granular products.

Standard Features:

These new Vertical Form/Fill/Seal machines have been introduced by PRODO-PAK® Corporation. The Model RV-Series features “multi-axis” servo driven rotary heat sealing dies in an intermittent or continuous motion format. It is designed to produce four sided sealed pouches in multiples of two to twelve across the die face. Production rates of 100 to 1000 pouches per minute are possible.

Pouch sizes can range from .50 to 25 inches in width. Virtually any pouch length can be accommodated with simple panel mounted adjustment of the servo control for the horizontal sealing die. A wide variety of thermoplastic, laminate, and co-extruded films are compatible with the resistance heat sealing technology incorporated in the Model RV-Series. Registered printing on a single side or the front and back panel is available.

The Model RV-Series can be equipped to package Liquids, Creams, Ointments, Tablets, Powders and Granular products with the addition of one of the many standard fillers or dosing systems manufactured by PRODO-PAK® Corporation.

ALLEN-BRADLEY controls and swing arm enclosure with an interface panel with color touch screen display provide the operator with a complete menu of machine settings, production statistics, maintenance information and troubleshooting assistance.

The Model RV Series come STANDARD in stainless steel construction to meet “wash down” and Class 100 regulations.