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Stick Pack Machines

Stick Pack Machines

Prodo-Pak® offers the TM Series “Stick Pack” machine suitable for a huge range of powders and granules like sugar and sweeteners, energy drink powders,soluble coffee, creamer, infant formula, pharmaceutical products and OTC.

The TM Series also lends itself to configurations for Liquids and Pastes for shampoo, conditioner, mayonnaise, syrups, dyes and many other flow transfer type products.

The TM Series offer exceptionally accurate weight control filling systems that produce dramatic cost savings.

The TM Series machines include a servo driven system for easy product change with quick repeatable menus by memorizing stick length and operational timings.

Sealing styles include – Corner Spout, Center Spout and Round Corners. Machine Options available are Film Tracking Guide System, Nitrogen Gas Flush, Double Notch Cutter or Corner Cutter and Child Proof Tear Notching.

The TM Series machines are available for up to 20 lanes running 50 to 60 cpm (1000 to 1200 packages per/min yield).