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A wide range of quality machines specifically designed to meet your most demanding requirements, including:

Prodo-Pak's vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machines are capable of producing pouches at rates from 20 to 2000 per minute.

The pouches can be filled with a wide range of products such as:
liquids creams gels pastes powders ointments condiments granular & semi-viscous products tablets towelettes

Pouch styles: three and four sided seal pillow packs standup and flat bottom in small portion packs or large bulk bags.

Tube fillers are compatible with metal, plastic, and laminate tubes. (A wide range of tube diameters and lengths as well as fill volumes can be accommodated. Several product pump styles are also available to meet specific product characteristics.)

High speed labeling of cans, jars, and bottles.

Our experienced sales and technical personnel are available to assist you in evaluating your application, and to recommend the equipment which best meet your requirements. Prodo-Pak offers demonstration and testing of your products and packaging materials at our facility in Garfield, New Jersey.

For more information, or further assistance, contact us at:
Phone: (973)-777-7770
Fax: (973) 772-0471 E-Mail: sales@prodo-pak.com


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